Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Industry and Installers

Low voltage electrical distribution industry and installers market together with building management market are at most involved in working and living safety. Brymen instruments are used for measuring of electrical parameters of electrical installation systems and components. Field measurement and monitoring are present in this market.

Electrical Machine and Appliance Industry

Safety and health care of human being are crucial. Brymen instruments are used for final inspection of manufactured or repaired electrical machines and appliances industry.

Occupational Safety Organisations and Inspectors

Occupational safety and its supervision is key issue of professional inspectors. User friendly tool for those work in are instruments made by Brymen.

Industry, Organisations, Universities and Schools

Education and training cannot imagine without demo equipment, boards, calibrators and simulators. Laboratories for measurements should be designed up to the latest development. Brymen equipment satisfy demands of professional schools, laboratories and universities

Facility management and installers

They can be used by inspectors, installers, building managers or anybody else.